HDL - Mono-spindle profile drilling machine

The ideal solution for light metal fabricating workshops

The Vernet Behringer HDL provides economic drilling, milling, marking and taping. Henceforth, preliminary manual measuring, tracing and scoring of holes positions are not required anymore. When the machine is operating, the next program can be prepared at the same time. It is also possible to work in multi-parts mode.

The HDL also offers marking (part identification and layout marking) with our exclusive V-scoring fast marking system. Compared to conventional marking systems, we double the marking speed without noise emissions. And with the lowest operating costs, as we do not need compressed air.

Thanks to the secure clamping with repositionable pneumatics clamps also milling operations are possible. The operating software is user friendly and provides a powerful part import as well as progamming of new parts with 3D visualization.

  • Mono-spindle profile drilling machine HDL

  • Interchangeable clamping jaws

  • Travelling tool changer for 10 tools

  • Chips conveyor

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  • Plate machining

  • Profile machining

Features of the HDL




  • Reduce your production times
    by eliminating numerous manual tasks: import your DSTV files directly from your CAD stations, position the clamping units and load the parts to be processed (H-beams, channels, angles, hollow sections, connecting plates…) on the face to be machined, the machine will do the rest.

  • Efficient pendulum mode
    allowing the operator to unload the machined part and prepare the next part to be processed while the machine is in production. This reduces non-productive time significantly.

  • Travelling tool changer
    The optionally available 10-station tool changer enables fast and convenient machining in just one operation. Your advantage: shorter machining and changeover times.

  • Identify your parts and indicate assembly positions
    with the exclusive V-scoring system. It is extremely fast, silent and low in operating costs. The markings are still clearly visible after painting or galvanising.

  • Powerful CNC control
    User-friendly and powerful software suite allowing the import and easy programming of your parts with 3D view.

  • Efficient clamping system
    Different clamping jaws with quick change device are available for different profile heights. Multiple clamping units can be pneumatically switched centrally. Different widths can be set via a locking rail.

Machining samples

Individual Configuration

The HDL can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data HDL

Recommended usable section  15.7 x 15.7 in
Y-axis stroke 19.6 in
Z-axis stroke 19.6 in
X-axis stroke 129.9 in up to 744.0 in
Max drilling diameter (S355) 1.6 in Ø
Max tapping 1-1/4 in
Spindle power 10.0 hp
Rotation speed of the spindle 0 - 3,000 rpm
Spindle attachment SK40
Clamping of parts pneumatic
Tool changer option - 10 tools
Control system PRONC23D user-friendly programming software with 3D part display 

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