Behringer bandsaws

High-performance bandsaws for the steel and metal industry

Whether workshop model or high-end saw for industry - our aim is to "cut ahead". With an extensive product range, Behringer offers the right sawing solution for almost every application. Our band sawing machines can be designed to your requirements using numerous variants. For exotic applications we are not afraid of special machines. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Straight-Cutting Bandsaws

Whatever you have to saw, with our high-performance bandsawing machines and automatic machines you can manage any sawing task.

  • HBE Dynamic Series
  • HBE Performance Series
  • High-Performance Automatic Bandsaws HBM Series

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Miter-Cutting Bandsaws

Convincing in performance and cutting range. Created for precise and flexible miter cuts.

  • Miter-Cutting Bandsaws HBE G
  • Miter-Cutting Bandsaws HBE GA

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Plate and Block Bandsaws

The vertical bandsaws are a feat of engineering par excellence: they precisely and economically cut and slit rolling ingots or plates.

  • LPS 2-RAD Series
  • LPS 3-RAD Series
  • LPS-T
  • LPS Automatic Vertical Bandsaws
  • VPS Automatic Plate Bandsaws

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Large Bandsaws

The Behringer giants powerfully cut solid materials such as slabs, cast ingots or open-die forgings. 

  • Semi-Automatic Machines
  • Gantry Series
  • Tabletop Machines

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3D Bandsaws

The 3D series from Behringer separates additively manufactured components with the highest precision.

  • HBE320-523 3D
  • LPS-T 3D

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Swing Frame Bandsaws

They are ideally suited for cutting pipes, profiles and solid materials made of metal and comparable plastics. The SLB series is a reliable partner in workshop and factory.

  • SLB Series

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