Company Overview

U.S. operations located in Morgantown, PA
Quality and Value

BEHRINGER SAWS is a manufacturer of high performance bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment. Operating as Behringer Saws Inc., the U.S. operations are located in Morgantown, PA and are a subsidiary of the parent company BEHRINGER Gmbh, in Kirchardt, Germany.

BEHRINGER prides itself on building the highest quality metal sawing and fabricating equipment in the world. Their primary goal is to create value for their customers, by continuously striving to achieve the highest combination of speed and accuracy, combined with cost-effectiveness. All equipment design is based on achieving these primary objectives, on a dependable and long lasting machine, and in that regard BEHRINGER is truly the benchmark.

In addition, BEHRINGER offers the widest selection of models, which allows us to not oversell or undersell a customers needs. Through detailed discussion with end-users, BEHRINGER is positioned to offer a system that delivers the appropriate size ranges, options, and material handling requirements for their unique application.

Manufacturing and Design

All of the BEHRINGER metal sawing equipment is manufactured in Kirchardt and Weilheim/Teck, Germany while the structural fabricating equipment is produced in Dijon, France. The key to the high quality of our product is based on two primary criteria: One - the research, design, and testing, that BEHRINGER invests in the process, and Two - that BEHRINGER controls the manufacturing process internally, with its own foundry and machining centers, to assure the highest quality and availability of materials.

With over 85 years in metal saw manufacturing, BEHRINGER has clearly positioned itself as the technological leader in the industry. This coupled with the synergistic manufacturing capabilities, commitment to excellence, and a mindset of not taking shortcuts, keeps it on the forefront of quality.

The overriding philosophy is one of focusing on the long-term cost-effectiveness for the end user, rather than trying to develop the cheapest equipment from an up front capital investment perspective. Cutting corners to reduce the initial purchase price, will only compound themselves in the quality of cutting and/or fabricating, and potentially, the lifetime of the machine itself.

U.S. operations located in Morgantown, PA
Service and Support

Morgantown, PA is home to Behringer Saws Inc., which covers all of North America. Here in our showroom/warehouse, we maintain a significant investment in finished inventory and parts. The Morgantown team is fully trained to modify stock models through the addition and removal of option components to meet specific customer requirements. This allows for very short lead times and optimal service levels to the North American customer base.

In addition, Behringer Saws Inc. fabricates all of the material handling needs of its customer in-house. This assures that the material handling components are compatible with the saw and automation; that we are flexible in the design for the application; and again, that customer lead times are shortened. With our in house expertise in hydraulics, electronics, and fabrication, we can support virtually all of our customers questions and design requirements.

Finally, Behringer Saws Inc. is staffed with its own field service team. As part of the initial purchase price of our equipment, Behringer supplies a field service technician to set-up the equipment and train the operators at the end-user location. Only after this process is completed and signed off, will we consider the sale complete.