• Automatische Aluminium-Kreissäge VA-L 560 NC2 trennt Aluminumbolzen

    Aluminum Circular Saws VA-L

    The high-performance, low-noise choice for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous metals

The VA-L series aluminum saws define a whole new performance class with their design. Servo-driven axes and a harmonic drive gear guarantee high-performance and process-reliable operation from aluminum alloys to copper and brass alloys.

Due to the technical features and the associated sawing performance, the sawing results meet requirements regarding the surface of Rz < 0.0003 in and cutting tolerances < 0.004 in. In many cases, further processing of the surface is therefore no longer necessary.

Green Deal. In the course of continuous improvement, sustainability also plays a major role in these aluminum saws. All components of the aluminum circular saws and their processes are designed with this in mind. On the one hand, this includes material processing in terms of chip flow and minimum rest piece length, but also machine components of the latest generation. The VA-L aluminum saws are equipped as standard with pneumatic short-stroke cylinders for material clamping and do not use any hydraulics.

World innovation. Optionally, the VA-L aluminum circular saws can be equipped with servo-driven material clamping. In combination with the previously mentioned features, new standards are set in the areas of process reliability, output, sustainability and cutting results.

Aluminum Circular Saws VA-L Series

Servo motor feeding system for highest precision

Our servo rocker defines a whole new performance class capable of achieving significantly higher cutting outputs with a constant saw feed rate. An additional efficiency benefit: minimized downtime due to precise positioning of the saw head at the material.

Machine Selection Aluminum Circular Saws VA-L Series

  • VA-L 500 E

    Aluminum Circular Saw

    Cutting range Ø 6.9 in
    Saw blade Ø 17.7 - 19.7 in
    Pneumatic material clamping
    Automatic operation


  • VA-L 560 NC3

    Aluminum Circular Saw

    Cutting range Ø 7.9 in
    (optional Ø 9.4 in)
    Saw blade Ø 19.7 - 24.4 in
    Servo-driven material clamping
    Automatic operation


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