Customer-specific aluminum sawing systems: Disposal devices

Anyone involved in sawing needs to consider part handling too. Whether for simple discharge or for transportation to downstream machining operations: we will take care of handling and transportation of your parts wherever you need them to go.

If you need space-saving and reliable solutions, we are the right port of call for any kind of discharge or sorting operation: Discharge belts with pushers, cross conveyor belts or solutions for transfer to robots. The same principle applies here too: Careful material handling takes top priority to prevent surface damage to sawn parts.

Disposal belt conveyor with pushing units

  • With plastic woven or plastic chain belt for gentle-action material handling
  • Reliable material transport of long and short cut-offs
  • Pushing units for discharge into different containers

Disposal belt conveyor with robot transfer station

  • Plastic-coated belt with alignment unit
  • Suitable for solid material

Disposal belt conveyor with interlinking to subsequent machining processes

  • With plastic woven belt for gentle-action material handling
  • Optionally with buffer stations
  • Suitable for wide-ranging different profiles
  • Correctly positioned push-in to the deburring station

Belt conveyor with sorting switch

  • Separation of good parts, trim cuts and remnants via sorting gate
  • Can be used for different operating modes such as collection, bulk material or buffer