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Interlinked Industry Solutions

In 2017, the company Handelshof Riesa Partner für Technik, Germany, opted for a solution from the Partners for Steel to make all its pre-processing activities more effective and to increase material throughput.

As the general contractor, Behringer was responsible for the project planning and creation of the plant. One of the key tasks was to digitalise the entire process and integrate it in the existing IT infrastructure. Starting with the order in the customer’s ERP system, the machining orders are automatically collected in the Behringer order management system (BAV).


  • Shot blasting line and bandsaw

    with NAP universal feed system for individual bar and bundle operation.

  • Säge-Bohr-Anlage mit vollautomatischem Materialtransport

    Transport system

    Automatic and low-noise transport system for sheets and profiles.

  • Control-Panel im Leitstand sorgt für Überblick beim Materialfluss

    BEHRINGER order management

    The BAV NC Editor provides the machining data to the machines.

  • Profile machining

    Drilling and milling with the HD-SEVO using 3 independent axes.

  • Manage stock

    The Behringer order management system (BAV) manages all the customer’s stock levels.

The integrated production planning module enables CAD data to be created or imported and then made available to the cutting machines in standardised DSTV format. The production orders are thus nested based on time and materials, always in relation to the current stock levels. 

The intelligent BEHRINGER Transport Management System (TMS) controls and optimises the entire material flow. Realtime visualisation provides an overview of the current production status at all times.