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Interlinked Industry Solutions

In 2017, the company Handelshof Riesa Partner für Technik, Germany, opted for a solution from the Partners for Steel to make all its pre-processing activities more effective and to increase material throughput.


  • Shot blasting line and bandsaw

    with NAP universal feed system for individual bar and bundle operation.

  • Säge-Bohr-Anlage mit vollautomatischem Materialtransport

    Transport system

    Automatic and low-noise transport system for sheets and profiles.

  • Control-Panel im Leitstand sorgt für Überblick beim Materialfluss

    BEHRINGER order management

    The BAV NC Editor provides the machining data to the machines.

  • Profile machining

    Drilling and milling with the HD-SEVO using 3 independent axes.

  • Manage stock

    The Behringer order management system (BAV) manages all the customer’s stock levels.