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Welcome to Behringer

Complete supplier for sawing systems, steel plate and profile machining centers

BEHRINGER SAWS is a manufacturer of high-performance bandsawing machines, circular cold saws, and structural fabricating equipment.

At BEHRINGER, we pride ourselves on building the highest quality metal sawing and fabricating equipment in the world. Our primary goal is to create value for our customers by continuously striving for the highest levels of speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. All equipment design is based on achieving these objectives on a dependable and long-lasting machine, and in that regard BEHRINGER is truly the benchmark.

Additionally, BEHRINGER offers the widest selection of models, allowing us to not oversell or undersell a customer’s needs. Through detailed discussion with end-users, BEHRINGER is positioned to offer a system that delivers the appropriate size ranges, options, and material handling requirements for each unique application.


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