VMS Series Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw


  • Cutting capacities up to 7.8" x 3.9"
  • Miter range 45° - 90° - 60°
  • Integrated automatic feed unit

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The latest technology, the VMS automatic circular cold saws are designed to provide a manual and an automatic mode machine for low to medium production requirements. Includes a ball screw driven automatic feed unit, automatic length adjustment, ball-bearing turnable and protective hoods. Miter range is 45° left and 60° right (total range of 105°) with positive stops at 45° in each direction.


The saw unit is provided with a completely hydraulically controlled, variably adjustable drive with electric stroke limitation by potentiometers for both directions, upward and downward. The robust saw unit combined with a powerful gearbox and rapid positioning times ensure short cycle times. Other features include:

  • Base frame with integrated coolant pumping system and chip drawer
  • Automatic pneumatic or hydraulic feed unit
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic quick-clamping device with clamping pressure reduction controls
  • Easy stroke adjustment of the saw unit via clamping lever
  • Automatic length adjustment
  • Ball-bearing turnable
  • NC control with graphic display and keypad
  • Selection of 3 different operating modes (manual, series and single cut)
  • Powerful, 2-speed, pole-changing motor
  • Heavy-duty gearbox with shock-absorbing feature for long saw blade life
  • 4 speeds as standard (8/16/32/64) for machining almost any steel quality
  • Thick, steel plate base for vibration-free cutting
  • Protective hoods

The machines of this series are not only available in a wide range of available equipment variants, they can also be tailored to your very own specific requirements:

  • Mechanical and electronic length measuring systems
  • Length stops, roller conveyors, material supports
  • Micro-lubricating spray cooling system
  • And many more additional optional features



Automatic feed unit

Automatic feed unit with flat guide and ball screw drive ensures a high degree of positioning accuracy.

NC control

Convenient control of the sawing system by modern NC control with an intuitive user interface.

Micro-spraying system

Optional micro-spraying system