PSU Series Up-Stroking Miter Circular Cold Saws

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw
High-performance circular sawing systems

These metal cutting workhorses are ideal machine for frequently alternating sawing conditions and requirements. These saws offer a range of material feeding and handling options while flexible PLC or IPC control offers the utmost in cost-effective production of small and large quantity runs.

PSU 450 Series Semi-Auto Miter Cold Saw

High performance upstroking saw. Sawblade feed rate is infinitely variable and hydraulically controlled. For straight cuts (90º) and miter- cutting to left and right. Option for cutting non-ferrous materials. > More


PSU 450 Series Automatic Miter Cold Saw

These saws feature an integrated gripper feed unit and PLC controls. PSU 450M also includes an NC longitudinal axis. For straight cuts (90º) and miter-cutting to left and right. > More

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw

PSU 450 CNC Miter Circular Sawing Centers

For high production sawing with process control. Straight cutting (90º) and miter-cutting left and right. Material handling for both input and output. > More

CNC Miter Circular Sawing Centers