High-Performance Automatic Circular Saw HCS 130 MF

The Number One in High Performance and Precision

The high-performance automatic circular saws of the HCS series are specialists for the highest cutting performance and premium quality, which quickly pay for themselves in multi-shift operation. The basis of the extreme performance is the unique, extremely stable and solid construction with perfectly matched components and state-of-the-art drive technology.

The innovative multi-fluid cooling concept multiplies the inherently high sawing performance of the HCS series by providing precise cooling when sawing high-alloyed stainless and tool steels, nickel-based alloys such as Inconel or Hastelloy as well as titanium alloys.

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge HCS 160 MF mit innovativer Multi-Fluid Technologie

    HCS 130 MF

  • BVA – Blade Vibration Absorber (option)

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge - Stabiles Getriebe aus eigener Herstellung

    Stable, low-vibration gearbox

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge Multi-Fluid Kühlsystem

    Multi-Fluid cooling system (option)

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge mit innovativer Steuerung

    Powerful control system

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge trichterförmiger Maschinenständer

    Funnel-shaped machine base

  • Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge Nachschubgreifer zur präzisen Materialpositionierung

    Servo-driven feeding gripper

Features of the HCS 130 MF

  • Robust, low-vibration gear unit
    The heart of the saw unit is the worm gear unit, produced in-house. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface and the blade life.

  • BVA - Blade Vibration Absorber
    The perfect interaction between the largely-dimensioned carbide metal guides and an effective brush-system, which pro-actively removes chips, ensures not only a maximum service life but also an optimized cutting surface and a precise and swift cutting operation.

  • Servo-driven feeding gripper
    swiftly positions the material precisely and in a matter of seconds. Its advantages are: accurate cutting length and short cycle times with tight tolerances.

  • Extremely solid construction
    The extremely stable and solid machine bed is the basis of every HCS. It ensures excellent vibration damping and ideal power flow. The cast iron parts made by Behringer have an additional positive effect.

  • Funnel-shaped machine base
    ensures perfect chip flow into the chip conveyor as well as the speedy disposal of chips and cooling liquids. Cleaning is extremely easy.

  • Linear guided saw feed
    The saw unit is moved dynamically through the entire cutting area via two linear guides in conjunction with a ball screw and a servo motor. This ensures a long service life, excellent saw cuts and low burr formation.

  • Multi-Fluid cooling system
    Depending on the application or on the material characteristics, the following three cooling/lubrication components can be combined with each other in the most effective way: Coolant jet nozzles for wet processing, micro-spraying device for minimum quantity lubrication and cooling vortex tube for dry processing.

  • Chip conveyor with coolant tank
    The new chip conveyor houses the coolant tank and coolant pump saving space. It ensures a rapid removal of the sawing chips and is easy to clean and maintain. Optionally, the chip conveyor can also be mounted with ejection to the front.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the control unit
    Everything under control! The control unit is self explanatory and easy to operate; operating mistakes are avoided and it allows for quick navigation within the program menu. Other systems can also be easily connected, both on the software and hardware side.

Customer-specific sawing systems

Individual Configuration

The HCS 130 MF can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data HCS 130 MF

Cutting range 90° round 5.1 in
Cutting range 90° square 4.3 in x 4.3 in
Smallest dimension to be sawn round 0.8 in
Smallest dimension to be sawn square 0.8 in x 0.8 in
Drive power 30.2 hp
RPM 20 - 250 min-1
Saw blade diameter 12.4 in / 14.2 in / 16.5 in
Feeding length single stroke 39.4 in
Feed rate 68.1 in/s
Saw feed servo-driven
Material clamping hydraulic
Saw drive servo-driven
Length 106.3 in
Width 94.5 in
Height 98.4 in
Weight 9,950 lbs
Material support height 46.1 in

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