Plate and Block Bandsaw LPS120-120-4

Sophisticated technology for more performance

Especially for the processing of large plates and solid blocks, the large plate and block bandsaws of the LPS series are extremely robustly built. They are characterised by unsurpassed precision and cutting performance - especially when sawing difficult-to-machine aerospace materials such as Inconel or titanium. Expensive material waste is thus consistently avoided.

Behringer Blockbandsäge LPS80-160-6

LPS120-120-4 (similar illustration)

Behringer Blockbandsägen Sägevorschub durch Servomotor

Servo Feed System

Behringer Blockbandsägen haben Bandlaufräder aus schwingungsdämpfendem Guss

Band guiding parts made of grey cast iron

Behringer Blockbandsägen ermöglichen Sägeschnitte mit hoher Präzision

Unsurpassed precision

Behringer Blockbandsägen haben eine intuitive SPS Steuerung mit Touch-Display

Intelligent control

Behringer Blockbandsäge LPS60-2 Bandführung nahe der Schnittstelle

Perfect blade guidance and chip removal

Behringer Blockbandsäge können mit anhebbaren Rollenbahnsegmenten zur Positionierung des Materials ausgestattet werden

Liftable roller conveyor segments (option)

Behringer Blockbandsäge LPS80-160-6

NC measuring unit (option)

Behringer Plattenbandsägeautomat mit Magnetspanneinrichtung für manuelle Schnitte

Magnetic clamping device (option)

Features of the LPS120-120-4

  • Cast iron band guiding parts
    are made by Behringer and provide vibration damping directly at the cutting edge, thus increasing tool life.

  • Quick bandsaw blade change
    Quick and easy – tool-free bandsaw blade changes mean shortest set-up times. Just a few simple steps are all that is needed to change the bandsaw blade.

  • Unsurpassed precision and cutting performance
    The high cutting accuracy, quiet running and long blade life are all down to the special torsion resistant design of the saw frame. In comparison to plate and block bandsaw machines from other manufacturers, the force for the saw feed is applied directly beneath the cutting point, which results in feed movements that are considerably more accurate.

  • Modular design
    The sawing machine's design can be flexibly adapted to special requirements. Whether larger panel dimensions or higher table loads - almost all requirements can be met thanks to the modular design from the ground up.

  • Servo Feed System
    The Behringer servo feeding system ensures constant chip removal and makes better use of the capabilities of modern bandsaw blades. The rapid response of the servo feeding system to the sensors for the cutting pressure regulation systematically prevents overloading and premature wear of the bandsaw blades.

  • A carefully designed machine concept
    The longitudinal cutting method is a typical feature of the plate and block bandsaws from Behringer. The workpiece remains firmly clamped to the material table while the saw unit moves.

  • Application-specific table versions
    LPS bandsaws can be adapted to suit your exact requirements. The material support table has a modular construction and can be equipped with a variety of different options with a spacing pattern of 250 mm.

Individual Configuration

The LPS120-120-4 can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data LPS120-120-4

Cutting length 157.5 in
Cutting width 47.3 in
Cutting height 47.3 in
Minimum cutting width 0.6 in
Minimum cutting height 0.4 in
Drive power 10.0 hp
Blade speed 56 - 394 fpm
Saw blade dimensions 330.7 x 2-1/8 x 0.063 in
Total power 20.1 hp
Supporting area inside table 47.3 x 157.5 in
Supporting area outside table 26.8 x 157.5 in
Length 305.1 in
Width 142.0 in
Height 152.0 in
Weight 39,900 lbs
Material support height 54.5 in

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