Vertical Bandsaw LPS-T 3D

Precise cuts for additively manufactured components

The LPS-T 3D was developed for sawing 3D printing plates in various sizes up to 850 x 650 mm (optionally up to 1,200 x 1,200 mm). The individual production of the work holding according to customer requirements offers a high degree of flexibility when sawing 3D printing plates in different sizes and shapes. With its movable support table and NC-controlled workpiece holdig, even heavy 3D printing plates can be easily loaded and unloaded using lifting gear.

In order to optimally adapt the sawing system to the specific process, BEHRINGER offers various options such as a machine housing with extraction option, minimum quantity lubrication as well as individual clamping options according to customer requirements.

Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T 3D zum Sägen von 3D-Druckplatten


Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T 3D Maschinenumhausung


Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T 3D Vorrichtung zur Fixierung der 3D Grundplatte

Vorrichtung mit NC-Positionierung

Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T 3D Anwendungsbild

Höchste Präzision

Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T 3D Kühlmittelfilter


Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T intuitive Steuerung mit Touch-Screen

Intuitive Touch Steuerung BT65

Behringer Tischbandsäge LPS-T Tischpositionierung und Sägevorschub durch Servomotor

Tischpositionierung über Kugelrollspindel

Features of the LPS-T 3D

  • Quick and easy loading and unloading
    The shortest possible setup times are achieved because the LPS-T 3D is equipped with an NC-controlled device for holding additively printed base plates. Even heavy printed plates can be easily inserted into the device from above using lifting gear.

  • Housing and exhaust system (optional)
    Depending on the material of the 3D printing components and the lubricant used, dusts or vapors can be generated and released into the ambient air. To prevent this, it is advisable to use an enclosure with a connected extraction system that effectively filters both dusts and aerosols from the air.

  • Micro Spray System
    When sawing profiles, pipes and solid material, the standard minimum quantity lubrication system delivers the best results. The saw blade is constantly moistened with cutting oil via two nozzles. This guarantees a long service life of the saw blade and a clean working environment.

  • Unsurpassed precision and cutting performance
    The high cutting accuracy, quiet running and long blade life are all down to the special torsion resistant design of the saw frame. In comparison to plate and block bandsaw machines from other manufacturers, the force for the saw feed is applied directly beneath the cutting point, which results in feed movements that are considerably more accurate.

  • Movable material support table
    For easy loading and unloading by crane, the material table can be moved out from under the saw unit.

  • Automatic alignment to the saw band
    After mounting the 3D base plate, the alignment to the saw band is fully automatic. After entering the plate thickness in the control, an NC axis positions the device to the sawing line.

  • Coolant cleaning
    A standard filter unit cleans the coolant from particles and powder residues that are released during the sawing of printed components. This unit noticeably increases the service life of the coolant.

  • Servo feed system with cutting pressure control
    The BEHRINGER servo feeding system ensures constant chip removal and makes better use of the capabilities of modern bandsaw blades. The fast response to the cutting pressure control increases the cutting performance when sawing 3D printed components, as it automatically adjusts the saw feed of the machine to the changing material cross-sections. Due to its location directly at the back of the saw blade, the system reacts quickly and precisely.

  • Quick bandsaw blade change
    Quick and easy – tool-free bandsaw blade changes mean shortest set-up times. Just a few simple steps are all that is needed to change the bandsaw blade.

  • Cast iron band guiding parts
    are made by Behringer and provide vibration damping directly at the cutting edge, thus increasing tool life.

  • Compact
    Due to its compact dimensions, it can also be set up in constricted spaces.

Individual Configuration

The LPS-T 3D can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data LPS-T 3D

Maximum printing plate size flat W x H 33.5 in x 25.6 in (optional up to 47.2 in x 47.2 in)
Minimum printing plate size flat W x H 4.0 in x 4.0 in
Maximum print height 25.6 in
Minimum plate thickness 0.8 in
Drive power 5.4 hp
Blade speed 56 - 394 fpm
Saw blade dimensions 225.6 x 1-5/8 x 0.05 in
Total power 8.0 hp
Printing plate positioning Servo motor via ball screw
Length 94.5 in
Width 90.6 in
Height 118.9 in
Weight 7,100 lbs
Material support height 45.3 in

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