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New Vertical Plate Saw Features Movable Table for Maximum Material Positioning and Access

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LPS40T Vertical Plate SawMorgantown, PA (February 1, 2005) – Behringer Saws, Inc. has introduced a new vertical plate saw designed specifically for cutting small and compact parts and small sections of material. The LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw is an ideal machine for tool makers and others wanting to make cuts quickly, cleanly and precisely in difficult to cut material.

The LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw is configured with a movable table to allow maximum flexibility for positioning plates, slabs or blocks, while safely supporting the material to be cut. The heavy-duty table is hydraulically controlled and is mounted on the machine bed with linear guides. As with all high-end Behringer saws, the LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw is constructed with a solid cast iron “C” frame design for┬álong-life in the shop and low-vibration through the cut.

With a cutting height of 15.7″, a table width of 55″ and cutting length of 40″, the LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw can be used for a wide range of applications even where limited floor space is available. The machine has a cutting speed of 56 – 394 feet per minute, utilizes bi-metal or carbide bandsaw blades and is designed to minimize or eliminate post-sawing secondary operations. The LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw is also ideal for test cuts.

Controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), the LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw requires minimal operator intervention once running with the ability to store numerically controlled program applications, which can also be recalled to provide time and labor cost savings on future cuts. A number of options are also available for the LPS40T Vertical Plate Saw including a depth-measuring device, automatic feed control systems, a NC gripper feed unit and more.

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