Horizontal Bandsaws

ThyssenKrupp Improves Accuracy and Reduces Costs with an HBP413A Automatic Bandsaw

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HBP413A Automatic BandsawThyssenKrupp, one of the world’s largest steel producers, was searching for a sawing solution that would improve the consistency, repeatability and speed of their sawing operations. They also wanted to reduce the amount of remaining scrap.

The solution was the purchase of a Behringer HBP-413A automatic horizontal bandsaw, an extremely fast and easy to operate bandsawing machine. The HBP-413A offers hydraulic saw blade tensioning with electrical monitoring, a ball screw for more precise material positioning and electronically controlled cutting speed among its standard features.

As a result of switching to the Behringer HBP-413A, ThyssenKrupp was able to lower their cost per cut, produce more accurate and square cut-off lengths as well as increase their efficiency. In addition, Behringer provided set-up, training assistance and post-sale support.