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New High-Performance Automatic Bandsaw for High Speed Cutting of Aluminum

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has introduced the new HBM800ALU high performance bandsaw for high speed cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The HBM800ALU saw is fully automatic and features complete cutting capability utilizing either bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades. After loading stock, the machine continually manages all aspects of the process and provides real time cutting data which is displayed at the operator terminal.

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New Carbide Circular Saw Features Multi-fluid Cooling System — Faster Cutting, No Heat Generation

The new Behringer HCS 150/160 MF saw is a high-performance carbide circular cold saw that uses multi-fluid cooling technology to prevent heat transfer to product during mass cutting applications. The new saw’s innovative flood coolant system facilitates increased throughput by enabling rapid cutting over longer periods of time with fewer interruptions due to heat build-up. A vortex air blowing system further enhances cutting temperature control to help maintain consistent production rates. The Vortex system is also particularly valuable to customers who have cutting applications that require the material to stay free of liquid.

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Selecting a Material Handling System: Adding a Material Handling System Can Improve the Safety and Productivity of the Sawing Process

It is becoming more important than ever for today’s fabrication shops to incorporate a coordinated material handling system into their production sawing environment. Companies that can effectively and efficiently move material around their facility and into their sawing process reduce saw wait time, creating a competitive advantage.

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New Laser Bandsaw Length Measuring System Scores A Bull’s-Eye Every Time And Targets Waste Reduction By Maximizing Material Usage

Morgantown, PA (August 25, 2010) – Behringer Saws has introduced a laser-based measuring system for use on the company’s full range of sawing and turnkey pre- and post-cut material handling productivity-enhancing products. The new BSI Laser Length Measuring System helps customers save time and eliminate waste by confirming material dimensions to maximize material usage for more accurate and consistent cuts.

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Heavy Duty Electric Ball Screw Driven Material Feed Gripper Now Standard Equipment on Horizontal Bandsaws from Behringer

Morgantown, PA (September 8, 2004) – In a move designed to make cuts even more accurate than before, Behringer Saws, Inc., has announced that its most popular models of automatic bandsawing machines will now come with a heavy duty electric ball screw driven incremental material feed gripper without an increase to the base price of the machines.

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