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Behringer Appoints New Southern Sales Manager

Behringer Saws, Inc., has named Matt Medeiros Southern Regional Sales Manager. Previously, Matt spent ten years as a field service technician with Champions Machine Tool Sales (Houston). In this capacity, he worked directly with customers installing and repairing various types of machinery including HAAS. Matt was also responsible for customer training on the operation and maintenance of their machinery. Additionally, Matt is versed in programming G-Code for CNC mills and lathes.

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How Turbulator Company Used a Behringer Eisele Saw to Meet Customer Demands and Reduce Capital Equipment Inventory

When your customers are operating oil drilling rigs, you can rest assured orders are going to be of two types: rush and super rush. Quality products notwithstanding, the successful suppliers are those who can deliver on time and help stay on track with, or keep ahead of incredibly tight production schedules. Turbulator Company (Oklahoma City, OK) is one of the can-do suppliers in this category who has established a reputation for meeting critical customer deadlines. Turbulator recently acquired a Behringer Eisele HCS 160 carbide circular cold saw. The saw is used for high speed cutting of metal bar stock to make parts for the products Turbulator Company sells. A single Behringer Eisele HCS 160 circular saw has replaced two brand-name bandsaws and has helped Turbulator stay on the fast track to success.

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HCS 180 MF Automatic Circular Cold Saw

Circular Cold Saw for Mitering Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals — Now with Fully Integrated Automatic Feed

The new VMS 370A is integrated with an automatic feeding unit to provide full automatic feeding functionality. This reduces cycle time and assures efficient use of material. Programming the length of cut and number of pieces is readily enabled by the control unit keypad and LCD display.

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Behringer Band Saws Now Available from C4 Industrial — New OK-based Distributor

Behringer Saws, Inc., is pleased to announce the signing of C4 Industrial Incorporated (Tulsa, OK) as its partner in distributing the full line of Behringer bandsawing machines and circular cold saws. Locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City give C4 Inc. the ability to provide fast, efficient service statewide in Oklahoma and Texas, and also in Southern Missouri and Southern Kansas. A leader in industrial tools and supplies, C4 offers abrasives, cutting tools, fluids, work & tool holding, MRO supplies and more. With the addition of world-class Behringer saws, C4 can now boast the world's largest range of high-performance bandsaw and circular saw models for the steel and metalworking industry. C4 will offer the full line of Behringer machines, automatic systems and peripheral equipment to enable customers to meet virtually every conceivable metal cutting requirement.

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What’s the Best Approach for Sawing Aluminum? Band Saws Have Emerged as a Possible Tool for This Challenging Cutting Job.

A recent study of more than 4000 manufacturing professionals revealed a growing interest in using lightweight fabrication materials. This was particularly true in the aerospace, defense and automotive markets. A main reason behind this is that companies are interested in reducing the weight of their products because less fuel is needed to power lighter weight aircraft and vehicles. Not surprisingly, aluminum has emerged as a hot contender as the metal of choice in the continued effort to reduce product weight. This is causing fabricators to reconsider how they approach sawing aluminum.

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New Carbide Circular Saw Features Multi-fluid Cooling System — Faster Cutting, No Heat Generation

The new Behringer HCS 150/160 MF saw is a high-performance carbide circular cold saw that uses multi-fluid cooling technology to prevent heat transfer to product during mass cutting applications. The new saw’s innovative flood coolant system facilitates increased throughput by enabling rapid cutting over longer periods of time with fewer interruptions due to heat build-up. A vortex air blowing system further enhances cutting temperature control to help maintain consistent production rates. The Vortex system is also particularly valuable to customers who have cutting applications that require the material to stay free of liquid.

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Automatic Circular Cold Saw Cuts Ferrous Metals

Morgantown, PA (May 6, 2009) - A new high-performance circular cold saw built to maximize production cutting of a variety of ferrous metals has been introduced by Behringer Saws, Inc. The new Behringer Eisele PSU 450M Circular Cold Saw can be programmed to automatically and accurately replicate cuts in iron and steel based materials to improve a company's operational cutting efficiencies while reducing labor and material costs.

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