Circular Cold Saws

What’s the Best Approach for Sawing Aluminum? Band Saws Have Emerged as a Possible Tool for This Challenging Cutting Job.

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A recent study of more than 4000 manufacturing professionals revealed a growing interest in using lightweight fabrication materials. This was particularly true in the aerospace, defense and automotive markets. A main reason behind this is that companies are interested in reducing the weight of their products because less fuel is needed to power lighter weight aircraft and vehicles. Not surprisingly, aluminum has emerged as a hot contender as the metal of choice in the continued effort to reduce product weight. This is causing fabricators to reconsider how they approach sawing aluminum. Traditionally, the conversation centered on circular saws. Technology, however, has made band saws an equally useful — and sometimes preferred — method for cutting this versatile and lightweight metal. Fact is, both circular saws and band saws have their place in efficient cutting of aluminum. For a concise rundown of the pros and cons of each, read the full article at the link below.

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