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Sawing System Supports Goals for Zero Scrap and Defect-free Parts

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HBP 360A BandsawsCECA Forge, headquartered in Ripley, Mississippi is a market leader in impact extrusion, manufacturing oil field and rigging products, specialty items like fittings and ordnance as well as components for the automotive and furniture markets. Recently Mark Floyd, CECA general manager, chose to bring the company’s cutting operation in-house. “We were outsourcing the operation to two or three different suppliers in different states,” he says. “We got tired of not being able to control quality. We were experiencing high kerf loss on our material and costs were higher overall.” Floyd researched the market’s leading band saws and ultimately installed three Behringer HBP-360A fully automatic horizontal band saws with inclined material handling magazines in June 2013.

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