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LPS-T Vertical Plate Saw for Maximum Performance

The new compact heavy duty plate saw LPS-T with vertical bandsaw blade is proving to be a resounding success. Behringer put its proven specialist machine for toolmaking, test cutting, small parts and blocks on the test stand and implemented a number of user-friendly variations. The new LPS-T vertical bandsawing machine is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

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LPS-T Vertical Plate Saw

Behringer Introduces New Model within HBE Dynamic Series of Horizontal Bandsaws

Behringer Saws has introduced a new model to its successful launch of the HBE Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw. A versatile, compact, automatic saw, the HBE-663A features a wide variety of leading-edge features to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety.

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New HBE-663A Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw

Behringer Announces New Marketing Coordinator

Behringer Saws, Inc. is proud to welcome Sarah Rowley as the newest addition to Behringer Saws as Marketing Coordinator for the North American operations. Sarah’s responsibilities include tracking industry trends, company website maintenance, developing and leading the company’s social media campaign, advertising, PR and trade show coordination.

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Sarah Rowley

Precision sawing: Mind the miter

Miter cutting tube and other workpieces can be extremely critical, especially when dealing with frameworks and other large assemblies. One seemingly small error in a miter cut can throw a large assembly significantly out of tolerance. This is where automation and precision control in sawing come into play.

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Sorting Out Aluminum Sawing

As aluminum costs drop, the material is finding new applications that push the envelope on how much of this metal can be used in the structural makeup of a vehicle — with no end in sight. After aluminum is forged, cutting is one of the first stages done for fabrication. One important aspect to consider is cutting methodology. While aluminum is lightweight and comparatively easier to cut than exotic alloys, it still presents its share of challenges, such as gumminess, chip packing and deburring. However, with the right equipment, aluminum can be very efficiently sawn via two methods: circular sawing or band sawing.

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aluminum sawing

Behringer Appoints New Western Regional Sales Manager

Behringer Saws, Inc. has announced the appointment of Ken Bartelli as western regional sales manager. Mr. Bartelli will be responsible for the sale of Behringer band saws, circular cold saws and material handling equipment in 11 states including California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

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Behringer Introduces Line of Heavy Duty Automatic Plate Saws

Behringer Saws has introduced a line of automatic vertical plate saws. The LPS Series heavy duty electronically controlled production plate saws enable fast, accurate, automated cutting of aluminum, low alloy and high tensile strength solid materials. The LPS Series saws are rugged, highly efficient and ideal for steel service centers, mold/ tool and die making operations and more, offering the lowest total cost of ownership available for plate and block sawing,” said Mr. Richard Klipp, President of Behringer Saws, Inc.

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Automatic Vertical Plate Saw

Behringer HBE Saw Delivers Increased Throughput for Spanco

Behringer Saws has announced it recently shipped an HBE 321A Dynamic Horizontal Bandsaw to Spanco Inc., located in Morgantown, PA. Spanco, a manufacturer of overhead workstation cranes, took delivery in April 2015 of the HBE, which the company uses to saw tube sections for fabricating cranes. "The Behringer HBE Saw has already increased throughput in our work center by roughly 20% due to faster cycle times and reduced time required for maintenance. It has also substantially improved the accuracy of our cuts,” said Mr. Chris Moke, Production Manager at Spanco.

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HBE 321A Dynamic Horizontal Bandsaw

Manufacturer Brings Cut Work In-House, Reduces Scrap and Saves Time with Cost-Effective Band Saw

F-1 Firearms LLC manufactures tactical weapons and components for military and law enforcement as well as semi-automatic sporting/hunting rifles for commercial use. To slice through raw material such as aluminum billets and hollowed out round bar stock the company was outsourcing its cut work, but the use of local suppliers could sometimes make it challenging to control its inventory. To improve operational costs and keep the stocking requirements from bottlenecking the firearm maker’s growing output, it sought out a new sawing system and eventually chose a Behringer HBE Dynamic Series horizontal band saw.

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New Behringer Bandsaw Produces World’s Fastest Material Removal Rate

Behringer Saws has introduced the HBM 500SC, an ultra-fast cutting automatic horizontal bandsaw capable of removing over 70 square inches of material per minute. The saw can cut a broad range of materials, from carbon steels to tool steels, stainless and high-alloy steels, nearly four times faster than conventional bandsaws. Sawing speed is due in part to a rugged, cast iron saw frame engineered to channel the buildup of forces away from the work area and a high-efficiency dual conveyor chip removal system.

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Oilfield Pump Manufacturer Sees Dramatic Improvement in Sawing Efficiencies

When Chad Tomlinson saw a Behringer horizontal bandsaw in operation at the 2012 IMTS show in Chicago, IL, he knew it was the answer to his cutting problems. Tomlinson is the branch manager of Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries Ltd., in Edmonton, AB, a manufacturer of electrical submersible and sucker rod pumps for the oilfield industry. “The Behringer saw was integrated with a material handling system and when I saw how it worked, I was sold on it.” In 2013 Tri-Alta purchased a Behringer HBP-263A horizontal bandsaw equipped with an automatic chip conveyor, a hydraulic vertical bundle clamping system, an inclined bar loading magazine, and an automatic bar change function. Since installation, the Behringer saw at Tri-Alta's facility has reduced human error by 80%, cut scrap rates significantly and reduced man hours by half.

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Behringer Introduces Compact, Versatile, Economic Saw With Innovative Design Features

Behringer has introduced the HBE Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw. A versatile, compact automatic saw, the HBE Dynamic features an array of leading-edge features designed to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety." Ideal for a wide range of application environments from production cutting steel service centers to metalworking job shops, we have positioned the HBE Dynamic as Behringer’s affordable “everyday” bandsaw with a full complement of innovative, performance-enhancing features" said Mr. Richard Klipp, President of Behringer Saws, Inc.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Saw for Cutting Structural Tube

Cutting ASTM A500 structural steel tube can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively by finding the saw that fits your shop floor production realities. It all starts with choosing either a band saw or a circular cold saw. Structural steel tube is used in a variety of applications because of its uniform and tight tolerances, high strength-to-weight ratio, and general ease of fabrication. However, before any of these operations are undertaken, a fabricator has to cut the tube to length. That's why fast, cost-effective, and accurate cutting of the tubes is a critical component in the timely turnaround and ultimate quality of the fabricated parts or assemblies.

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Structural Tube Sawing Options

New Model Bandsaw Includes High Production Options at No Extra Cost

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has added more standard features to its HBE Dynamic Series horizontal bandsaws without increasing selling price. Already economically priced for budget-smart companies, HBE saws now include automatic precision servo down feed control, blade protection sensor technology and other standard features designed to improve cutting rates and throughput, and to reduce downtime.

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Behringer Appoints New Southern Sales Manager

Behringer Saws, Inc., has named Matt Medeiros Southern Regional Sales Manager. Previously, Matt spent ten years as a field service technician with Champions Machine Tool Sales (Houston). In this capacity, he worked directly with customers installing and repairing various types of machinery including HAAS. Matt was also responsible for customer training on the operation and maintenance of their machinery. Additionally, Matt is versed in programming G-Code for CNC mills and lathes.

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Carbide Circular Cold Saw Now with Fully Automated Inclined Magazine

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has added an automated inclined magazine to its HCS-90E carbide circular cold saw. The newly packaged HCS-90E now meets high production demands while minimizing the need for operator attendance. "Behringer has designed the HCS-90E saw for customers that literally need bulk cutting output in the thousands of pieces per day range," said Joe Suydam, Behringer sales and marketing associate. A fully automatic high-performance circular cold saw, the HCS-90E is designed for cutting ferrous material at 90 degrees in maximum yield applications. High throughput performance is facilitated by the saw's inclined magazine which holds up to 3500 pounds of 12' long material. An optional extension expands material capacity to 20' long pieces and load capacity to 5250 pounds. Once loaded with bundles, the machine will run without interruption, cutting pre-programmed lengths, ejecting trim and remnants and channeling good cut pieces to a holding bin. This functionality is fully automatic without requiring operator standby.

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New, PC-based Remote Control for Automatic Mitering Bandsaw

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has launched a new version of its model HBP-310/523G/A mitering bandsaw. The saw now features CNC-dialogue control via PC along with a stand alone 3 meter (118”) feeding gripper. A heavy-duty high production machine, the Behringer HBP-310/523G/A automatic horizontal miter bandsaw is designed for accurate and economic cutting of all materials from profiles to high tensile solids. The new PC computer interface enables total control over mitering functions while at the same time permitting the machine operator to attend to other important tasks.

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Horizontal Miter Bandsaw

Behringer Names Randy Smith New Midwest Regional Sales Manager

As the new Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Behringer Saws, Randy Smith will cover Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. Smith will provide product support and technical sales for the full line of Behringer bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment.

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New Automatic Carbide Circular Cold Saw for Steel, Cast Iron and other Ferrous Materials

Behringer has introduced the HCS-180 high-performance automatic carbide circular cold saw for cutting of ferrous material at 90°. The new saw is ideal for cutting high-alloyed heat resistant steels along with other ferrous materials. With a blade diameter ranging from 16.5" (419mm) to 20.5" (520mm), the new HCS-180 saw provides fast, precision cutting of round stock up to 7" (180mm) in diameter. A fully automatic high-performance circular cold saw, the HCS-180 is designed for maximum yield applications.

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HCS 180 MF Automatic Circular Cold Saw