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Vernet Behringer Announces New HD Line of Multi-Spindle Drilling Machines

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HD Multi-Spindle Drilling MachinesVernet Behringer is excited to announce the release of their new HD line of multi-spindle high speed drilling machines. These machines are designed for drilling of all types of structural beams (H, I, U, Angle sections, Flat bars), structural sections, and rectangular hollows.

Combined with a Behringer band saw, these machines are a key element of any efficient steel construction workshop. As with all Vernet Behringer equipment, the HD drill line offers industry leading features and benefits, as well as, robustness, reliability, easy maintenance, simplicity and flexibility of use.

The HD drill lines offer outstanding stability and rigidity, which allows for very high speed of execution, flexibility and accuracy, and utilization of all types of drills. The unique CNC propelling carriage and hydraulic clamping package assures the industries tightest tolerances.

The Vernet Behringer HD drill lines are available in three models, the HD 600, HD 900, and HD 1200 with capacities ranging from 3” to 47 ½”. With a large package of standard equipment, as well as a host of available options, the HD drill can be customized to meet your exacting specifications.