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Integrating Material Handling with Metal Cutting Technology for Improved Throughput Rates

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Triad Metals International is one of the largest structural steel, tubing and mini mill distributors east of the Mississippi River. The company recently partnered with Behringer Saws to boost production and improve efficiency in steel cutting and processing operations. Triad uses three Behringer horizontal bandsaws for steel cutting: for large beam cutting the HBP 800/1204; for large bundle cutting the HBM-540A; and for automated miter cutting the HBP-310/403GA. After loading stock, the bandsawing machines continually manage all processes including material feed, high efficiency cutting and disposal of remnants and chips. Using an extensive material handling system co-designed and completely fabricated by Behringer Saws, Triad significantly improved throughput by reducing the amount of handling of steel stock as it passed through various production processes. The three Behringer cutting centers were integrated via a specially designed conveyor system to reduce worker dependency on manpower and overhead cranes. The system includes over 400 feet of powered conveyor, some of this integrated via PLC into existing manufacturing programs. Additionally, there are twenty-three specialized cross-transfer legs.

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