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HBE Dynamic Bandsaw Series on Display at IMTS

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HBE Dynamic Bandsaw Series on Display at IMTS

The HBE Dynamic series was designed to be the everyday saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency.

Behringer Saws, Inc. will be displaying an array of its new high performance automatic bandsawing machines, the HBE Dynamic series, at IMTS in September in Chicago, IL. The HBE Dynamic series was designed to be the everyday saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency. The compact automatic band saw has a multitude of leading edge features designed to improve performance and precision, while maximizing user convenience and safety.

Among the line-up of Dynamic band saws are the HBE-261A, HBE-321A, HBE-411A, HBE-511A, HBE-663A, HBE-860A, HBE-1060A and the automatic and semi-automatic mitre band saw, HBE-320-523. Ideal for a wide range of applications from production cutting, steel service centers to job shops, the HBE’s are made for heavy duty sawing including structural steels and high-tensile strength solids.

HBE cutting capabilities range from 10.2”-42”, and blade sizes from 1.25” to 2.625”. With a broad range of options, the HBE can be configured to support your application, with bundle clamping, extended feeding grippers and much more.

The HBE Dynamic series brings many features, which make your production even more profitable. Each saw is made of vibration damping grey cast iron, which provide solid and durable construction. In addition to the cast iron, its sensitive downfeed control system, precise guiding system in portal design, energy-efficient drive system, electrically driven chip brush synchronized with blade speed and easy operation by intuitive NC control system, all add to the high quality of the HBE.

Among the innovative range of features on the saw is the servo-driven ball screw blade feeding system and pressure sensors. This automatically provides precise, constant downfeed control and adjustment to continually optimize the cutting process. The ball screw-driven material feed gripper eliminates backlash and ensures precise material positioning and repeatability.

A fully enclosed design promotes safe operator use, keeps chip and coolant spillage to a minimum, and reduces noise. The large doors provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Behringer Saws, Inc. provides a wide variety of world-class quality automatic band, plate and high performance circular cold saws to corporations, service centers, job shops and manufacturers throughout the world.

IMTS Booth Number N-236844