Circular Cold Saws

Circular Cold Saws Offer Flexible Aluminum and Steel Cutting Alternative and Superior Finishes, Often Eliminating Secondary Operations

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Automatic Circular Cold Saw for Aluminium CuttingMorgantown, PA (March 27, 2009) – Designed and built in its engineering centers and factories in Germany, the Behringer Eisele brand of circular cold saws and automatic miter saws delivers high performance and fine finish cutting of steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals for almost every application and budget. The Behringer Eisele line is sold and serviced throughout North America from its headquarters here which is the source for factory authorized service and OEM parts.

Supported by over 85 years of knowledge and experience in cutting, the Behringer Eisele range of products complements the company’s line of heavy-duty bandsaw machines. Behringer assists users in determining which type of saw is best suited for their cutting operation. Long-term cutting goals, diameters and types of materials to be cut, the number, volume and frequency of cuts and final cut tolerances and required finishes are among items to be considered when choosing the proper saw.

Included in the Behringer Eisele line are manual, semi-automatic and automatic miter circular cold saws, high performance circular cold saws utilizing HSS or carbide saw blades and CNC miter circular sawing systems. Designed with proprietary cutting technology, this full line of saws delivers superior finishes and tolerances to cut surfaces often eliminating secondary milling or grinding of materials. Machines for light through heavy production requirements are offered as well as peripherals for material handling support for increased productivity and cost efficiency.

Utilizing blades ranging from 10-22″ in diameter, the standard line of Behringer Eisele saws is designed to cut rounds up to approximately 8″ in circumference, squares up to 7″ in height and rectangular shapes up to 6″ x 12″ depending upon the model. Technical modifications can be made to machines to accommodate larger or odd shapes. Variable cutting speed controls are offered on all models and vary in range based upon the machine.

Behringer Saws, Inc. provides a full range of sawing and turnkey pre- and post-cut material handling productivity-enhancing products. Behringer supplies world-class quality automatic bandsawing, marking, punching, drilling and shearing systems and high performance circular cold saws to corporations, service centers, job shops and manufacturers throughout the world.

For more information on the full line of Behringer Eisele Circular Cold Saws, contact Behringer Saws, Inc., 721 Hemlock Road, Morgantown, PA 19543. Call toll-free at 888-234-7464.