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Manufacturer Brings Cut Work In-House, Reduces Scrap and Saves Time with Cost-Effective Band Saw

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New model HBE Dynamic Series bandsaw has more standard features

The Behringer HBE321A is equipped with vertical and portal clamping to allow cutting of multiple billets at one time.

F-1 Firearms LLC manufactures tactical weapons and components for military and law enforcement as well as semi-automatic sporting/hunting rifles for commercial use.

To slice through raw material such as aluminum billets and hollowed out round bar stock the company was outsourcing its cut work, but the use of local suppliers could sometimes make it challenging to control its inventory. If precut material was not available, the manufacturer used its own waterjet machine to produce the bulk cuts it needed, but that work “consumed a great deal of time since the operator could only cut one billet at a time,” says Production Manager Jacob Ward.

To improve operational costs and keep the stocking requirements from bottlenecking the firearm maker’s growing output, it sought out a new sawing system and eventually chose a Behringer HBE Dynamic Series horizontal band saw. Aluminum billets are cut from 12-ft.-long stock into 8-in.-long pieces that can range from 1.75 in. to 4.5 in. thick. “On the waterjet it would take 10 minutes to cut one 8-in. block,” Ward continues. “The Behringer saw has reduced that processing time by about 80 percent.”

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