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A Cut Above the Rest: Miter Saw Reduces Cycle Time and Material Usage

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HBP-310/403G/A Miter Bandsaw

HBP-310/403G/A Miter saw cuts up to 15.7″ W x 12.2″ H

A contract machining, metal fabrication, and stamping company, Hovis Precision Products, Inc. (Hovis) based in Simpsonville, SC attracts a customer base which includes nearly every type of industry, including aerospace and defense. Formerly the Hovis Screwlock Company of Warren, Michigan, this 50 year old company prides itself on delivering a quality part at a competitive price on-time, attracting customers seeking complete satisfaction.

When the Hovis operation relocated to its current, modern 36,000 square foot facility in South Carolina at the beginning of 1986, major capital expenditures continued in new machinery and equipment to uphold the company’s highest possible ratings for quality and delivery. Two years ago, upon acquiring business requiring the manufacturing of large volumes of 410 stainless angle-cut parts for turbine engines, Hovis was again on the lookout for the best machinery for the job. Having to cut multiple work pieces at a time, Hovis needed to replace its existing saw with a bandsaw with angle (mitre) cutting and bundle clamping capabilities.

When making a bandsaw purchase decision, basic machine design and capability need to be considered along with material capacity, accuracy, finish and quantity. Many bandsaws are not able to maintain reasonable chip loads. This inability results in poor blade life, low productivity, inaccurate cutting, poor finishes, increased costs and, in many cases, the saw is unable to cut the material due to a lack of feed pressure and control. Although well aware of the image of Behringer Saws, Inc. (Morgantown, PA) in the industry, Hovis looked at several saw brands on the market before making its final purchasing decision.

“As with any capital expense of this size, we checked out all of our options for advancing our saw capacity and capabilities,” says Jeff Buie, purchasing manager for Hovis. “We came to the conclusion that Behringer’s HBP-310/403G/A (USA) provided the best combination of capacity, capability, quality, service, and price, despite lower cost alternatives.”

Saw features programmable angle setting for miter cuts up to 45° left to 60° right (105° total)

Mounted on a massive steel base, Hovis’ first-ever Behringer HBP-310/403G/A (USA) cuts straight or rotates at an angle between up to 45” left through up to 60° right (105° total). Specifically designed to cut solid materials up to 12.2” in diameter and rectangular shapes up to 15.7” wide x 12.2” high, the bandsaw’s manual or fully programmable (via NC controls) angle setting and length can easily be set, controlled and monitored at the operator’s terminal. Weighing 6,600 pounds, the bandsaw also features electronically monitored, hydraulic hardened clamping jaws, which ensure steady and precise cuts at all speeds.

According to Buie, “The tight piece-to-piece cut length and square variation of the Behringer allows us to saw within .005 to .010 inches of final size compared to .090 to .120 inches beyond final size for our existing saws. This not only saves on raw material usage, but also significantly reduces, or eliminates the amount of final milling required to complete the parts to length. In the end, we produce a consistent, accurate and economic cut the first time around.”

“Prior to buying this bandsaw, we were leaving a lot of material on the shop floor. Now, we cut once, eliminating 60 percent of our insert usage at final machining due to the ability to saw closer to final size,” he notes. “By reducing cycle time and material usage at the saw operation, in addition to reducing cycle time and tooling insert usage during subsequent machining operations, we haven’t had to run additional machinery, which has saved on man power. We’ve reduced our overall costs and improved upon our delivery times.”

Bundle clamping unit improves throughput.

The HBP-310/403G/A (USA) has brought Hovis long-term savings, ultimately increasing the company’s bottom line, Buie says. “We’ve improved our productivity and profitability by reducing material usage, reducing scrap due to inaccurate cuts, and it has given us the competitive edge to quote and secure new projects and remain profitable.”

After making the commitment to buy this bandsaw, Buie says business has been running smoothly. “Making the switch was easy. Behringer representatives came in for a couple days to train two of our employees to run the machine. Without having any previous training on this type of bandsaw, these two employees have since trained others in the shop.”

Thrilled with the performance and ease of use of the HBP-310/403G/A (USA), Hovis purchased a second bandsaw this year, replacing its other existing bandsaws used to cut the raw material for the rest of Hovis’ products. These purchases have allowed Hovis to remain competitive enough to keep the huge business in manufacturing large volumes of 410 stainless angle-cut parts, Buie says. “Our company is now positioned to provide many additional products and services consistent with its long-standing reputation for quality and performance.”

CNC Controls

“The bandsaw’s CNC controls coupled with the bundled clamping option makes quick work of taking raw material to final part,” he said. “You can talk about price all you want, but what we are looking for is a good product – one that improves throughput of finished materials, offers a better total cost of ownership over the long run, and gives quick payback on the machine cost thanks to increased production capabilities. That’s what it is all about. That’s why when we needed another saw, we bought another Behringer. We did not even consider any other manufacturer.”