Structural Fabricating Equipment

Heavy-Duty Structural Fabricating Equipment Designed To Tackle The Big Boys

Morgantown, PA (May 21, 2010) – An extensive line of high performance machines designed for cutting, machining, drilling, marking, punching, notching and shearing metals for the steel construction and metalworking industries is available from Behringer Saws, Inc. Vernet Behringer products offer users a range of powerful fabricating systems built for the machining of large structural beams, plate girders, hollow sections, thick steel plates and forged work.

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Vernet Behringer Announces New HD Line of Multi-Spindle Drilling Machines

Vernet Behringer is excited to announce the release of their new HD line of multi-spindle high speed drilling machines. These machines are designed for drilling of all types of structural beams (H, I, U, Angle sections, Flat bars), structural sections, and rectangular hollows.

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