Case Histories

Fine-tuning Production

A capotasto, better known as a capo, is a small device designed to quickly change the pitch of a stringed instrument. Used by virtually every musician, from famous touring professionals to campfire players, a capo is an essential tool for every kit. When David McClung, director of safety and maintenance at Kyser Musical Products, realized production was not keeping up with demand, it became apparent that the sawing equipment just wasn’t cutting it.

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Keyser Musical Article

Manufacturer Brings Cut Work In-House, Reduces Scrap and Saves Time with Cost-Effective Band Saw

F-1 Firearms LLC manufactures tactical weapons and components for military and law enforcement as well as semi-automatic sporting/hunting rifles for commercial use. To slice through raw material such as aluminum billets and hollowed out round bar stock the company was outsourcing its cut work, but the use of local suppliers could sometimes make it challenging to control its inventory. To improve operational costs and keep the stocking requirements from bottlenecking the firearm maker’s growing output, it sought out a new sawing system and eventually chose a Behringer HBE Dynamic Series horizontal band saw.

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Oilfield Pump Manufacturer Sees Dramatic Improvement in Sawing Efficiencies

When Chad Tomlinson saw a Behringer horizontal bandsaw in operation at the 2012 IMTS show in Chicago, IL, he knew it was the answer to his cutting problems. Tomlinson is the branch manager of Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries Ltd., in Edmonton, AB, a manufacturer of electrical submersible and sucker rod pumps for the oilfield industry. “The Behringer saw was integrated with a material handling system and when I saw how it worked, I was sold on it.” In 2013 Tri-Alta purchased a Behringer HBP-263A horizontal bandsaw equipped with an automatic chip conveyor, a hydraulic vertical bundle clamping system, an inclined bar loading magazine, and an automatic bar change function. Since installation, the Behringer saw at Tri-Alta's facility has reduced human error by 80%, cut scrap rates significantly and reduced man hours by half.

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Sawing System Supports Goals for Zero Scrap and Defect-free Parts

CECA Forge, headquartered in Ripley, Mississippi is a market leader in impact extrusion, manufacturing oil field and rigging products, specialty items like fittings and ordnance as well as components for the automotive and furniture markets. Recently Mark Floyd, CECA general manager, chose to bring the company’s cutting operation in-house. “We were outsourcing the operation to two or three different suppliers in different states,” he says. “We got tired of not being able to control quality. We were experiencing high kerf loss on our material and costs were higher overall.” Floyd researched the market’s leading band saws and ultimately installed three Behringer HBP-360A fully automatic horizontal band saws with inclined material handling magazines in June 2013.

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HBP 360A Bandsaws

How Turbulator Company Used a Behringer Eisele Saw to Meet Customer Demands and Reduce Capital Equipment Inventory

When your customers are operating oil drilling rigs, you can rest assured orders are going to be of two types: rush and super rush. Quality products notwithstanding, the successful suppliers are those who can deliver on time and help stay on track with, or keep ahead of incredibly tight production schedules. Turbulator Company (Oklahoma City, OK) is one of the can-do suppliers in this category who has established a reputation for meeting critical customer deadlines. Turbulator recently acquired a Behringer Eisele HCS 160 carbide circular cold saw. The saw is used for high speed cutting of metal bar stock to make parts for the products Turbulator Company sells. A single Behringer Eisele HCS 160 circular saw has replaced two brand-name bandsaws and has helped Turbulator stay on the fast track to success.

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HCS 180 MF Automatic Circular Cold Saw

Integrating Material Handling with Metal Cutting Technology for Improved Throughput Rates

Triad Metals International is one of the largest structural steel, tubing and mini mill distributors east of the Mississippi River. The company recently partnered with Behringer Saws to boost production and improve efficiency in steel cutting and processing operations. Triad uses three Behringer bandsaws for steel cutting: for large beam cutting the HBP 800/1204; for large bundle cutting the HBM-540A; and for automated miter cutting the HBP-310/403GA. After loading stock, the machines continually manage all processes including material feed, high efficiency cutting and disposal of remnants and chips. Using an extensive material handling system co-designed and completely fabricated by Behringer Saws, Triad significantly improved throughput by reducing the amount of handling of steel stock as it passed through various production processes.

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A Combined Horizontal and Mitering Band Saw Speeds Production, Saves Space, and Increases Capacity and Accuracy

Behringer customer, Aero Inc., a Michigan-based tube-bending and fabricating company, was experiencing an increase in orders that required mitering. Aero met customer needs and expanded its services with the Behringer HBP-310/403G/A automatic horizontal miter band saw. The saw combines the abilities of a horizontal band saw and a mitering band saw with automatic capability.

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Selecting a Material Handling System: Adding a Material Handling System Can Improve the Safety and Productivity of the Sawing Process

It is becoming more important than ever for today’s fabrication shops to incorporate a coordinated material handling system into their production sawing environment. Companies that can effectively and efficiently move material around their facility and into their sawing process reduce saw wait time, creating a competitive advantage.

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Laser Focus A Customized Approach Breaks Away from the Norm

Laser-point accuracy is a valuable commodity when working with heavy-duty band saws. Rather than compromise its needs, Central Steel & Wire Co., Chicago, Ill., contacted Behringer Saws Inc., Morgantown, Pa., for a customized job. "We did a lot of research with different manufacturers of band saws," says Darisu Nausedas, mechanical designer of operations engineering at Central Steel. "Behringer fit us best and was also the only company willing to engineer a laser measuring device we could use."

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Commitment to Cutting: Streamlining Operations, Reducing Costs and Loyal Customers Pay Off for Family-Owned Company with Deep Roots

At Steel Services, Inc., strong ties to its past and a customer-centered focus have always been part of the company’s philosophy of doing business. But, as the third generation of Starke family members took over the firm they realized they could not sit on their laurels. They knew they had to keep moving the company forward to meet today’s challenges and build upon their accomplishments to continue to be successful.

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Dual Column, Parallel Down-Feed Design: Improves Accuracy and Productivity at Schwartz Steel

Thanks to improved sawing capabilities, Schwartz Steel Service, based in Gastonia, NC has seen its business grow over the last few years. Established in 1978, this full-service distributor/warehouse of ferrous & non-ferrous rounds, bars, shapes & plates is best known for "cutting to length" on-time. Customers are mostly job shops, manufacturers who do a little bit of everything - from making parts to fixing machinery.

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Staying Competitive Name of the Game for Marion Die & Fixture: Working at the Mercy of Suppliers No Longer “Cuts” It

As part of The Bradbury Group’s union of five manufacturing companies, Marion Die & Fixture (Marion, Kansas) designs the roll tooling to meet customer specifications in the metal building industry. To stay competitive, it became a top priority to purchase a saw, which would enable the company to meet all job specifications in-house. If Marion wanted to continue to take pride in meeting tight deadlines, the company needed to manage its own turnaround times. Working at the mercy of suppliers would no longer “cut” it.

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Fast and Accurate Cutting: A Key Driver to ASKO’s Prompt Customer Deliveries and Service

Serving the metal producing, metal processing and metal recycling industries around the world, ASKO, based in Homestead, PA, produces a wide range of specialty wear-resistant tooling, wear parts and services for rolling, slitting, side trimming, sawing and shearing. This 75-year old company’s application expertise in special tool materials, technology and tooling application requirements has been continually developed since 1933 through working with mills, processors and manufacturers.

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A Cut Above the Rest: Miter Saw Reduces Cycle Time and Material Usage

A contract machining, metal fabrication, and stamping company, Hovis Precision Products, Inc. (Hovis) based in Simpsonville, SC attracts a customer base which includes nearly every type of industry, including aerospace and defense. Formerly the Hovis Screwlock Company of Warren, Michigan, this 50 year old company prides itself on delivering a quality part at a competitive price on-time, attracting customers seeking complete satisfaction.

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