Horizontal Bandsaws

Behringer HBE-321 Automatic Bandsaw on Display at Eastec

Behringer Saws, Inc. will be displaying its HBE-321A High Performance Automatic Enclosed Bandsaw at Eastec in May in West Springfield, MA. The HBE Dynamic series was designed to be the everyday saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency.

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Behringer to Display HBE-411A Automatic Band Saw at Fabtech

Behringer Saws, Inc. will be displaying its high performance, fully automatic horizontal bandsaw, the HBE-411A, at Fabtech in November in Chicago, IL. The HBE Dynamic series was designed to be the everyday saw due to its affordability, versatility and efficiency.

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Behringer to Display HBE Series, Circular Cold Saws at Houstex

Behringer Saws, Inc. (Morgantown, PA) will be displaying an array of its high performance automatic bandsaws, including the HBE Dynamic series, as well as its Behringer Eisele automatic miter circular cold saw, the PSU-450M, at Houstex in February in Houston, TX.

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HBE Dynamic Bandsaw Series on Display at Houstex

Behringer Saws Releases New Mitre-Cutting Bandsaw

Behringer Saws has introduced a new model to its HBE series. The mitre-cutting bandsawing machine HBE320-523G, available in automatic and semi-automatic for all applications, ideally combines the benefits of modern high-performance machines for individual sawing applications with unique, proven Behringer features.

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HBE320-523G Mitre Cutting Bandsaw

Behringer Introduces New Model within HBE Dynamic Series of Horizontal Bandsaws

Behringer Saws has introduced a new model to its successful launch of the HBE Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw. A versatile, compact, automatic saw, the HBE-663A features a wide variety of leading-edge features to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety.

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New HBE-663A Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw

Precision sawing: Mind the miter

Miter cutting tube and other workpieces can be extremely critical, especially when dealing with frameworks and other large assemblies. One seemingly small error in a miter cut can throw a large assembly significantly out of tolerance. This is where automation and precision control in sawing come into play.

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Sorting Out Aluminum Sawing

As aluminum costs drop, the material is finding new applications that push the envelope on how much of this metal can be used in the structural makeup of a vehicle — with no end in sight. After aluminum is forged, cutting is one of the first stages done for fabrication. One important aspect to consider is cutting methodology. While aluminum is lightweight and comparatively easier to cut than exotic alloys, it still presents its share of challenges, such as gumminess, chip packing and deburring. However, with the right equipment, aluminum can be very efficiently sawn via two methods: circular sawing or band sawing.

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aluminum sawing

Behringer HBE Saw Delivers Increased Throughput for Spanco

Behringer Saws has announced it recently shipped an HBE 321A Dynamic Horizontal Bandsaw to Spanco Inc., located in Morgantown, PA. Spanco, a manufacturer of overhead workstation cranes, took delivery in April 2015 of the HBE, which the company uses to saw tube sections for fabricating cranes. "The Behringer HBE Saw has already increased throughput in our work center by roughly 20% due to faster cycle times and reduced time required for maintenance. It has also substantially improved the accuracy of our cuts,” said Mr. Chris Moke, Production Manager at Spanco.

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HBE 321A Dynamic Horizontal Bandsaw

Behringer Introduces Compact, Versatile, Economic Saw With Innovative Design Features

Behringer has introduced the HBE Dynamic Series Horizontal Bandsaw. A versatile, compact automatic saw, the HBE Dynamic features an array of leading-edge features designed to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety." Ideal for a wide range of application environments from production cutting steel service centers to metalworking job shops, we have positioned the HBE Dynamic as Behringer’s affordable “everyday” bandsaw with a full complement of innovative, performance-enhancing features" said Mr. Richard Klipp, President of Behringer Saws, Inc.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Saw for Cutting Structural Tube

Cutting ASTM A500 structural steel tube can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively by finding the saw that fits your shop floor production realities. It all starts with choosing either a band saw or a circular cold saw. Structural steel tube is used in a variety of applications because of its uniform and tight tolerances, high strength-to-weight ratio, and general ease of fabrication. However, before any of these operations are undertaken, a fabricator has to cut the tube to length. That's why fast, cost-effective, and accurate cutting of the tubes is a critical component in the timely turnaround and ultimate quality of the fabricated parts or assemblies.

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Structural Tube Sawing Options

New Model Bandsaw Includes High Production Options at No Extra Cost

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has added more standard features to its HBE Dynamic Series horizontal bandsaws without increasing selling price. Already economically priced for budget-smart companies, HBE saws now include automatic precision servo down feed control, blade protection sensor technology and other standard features designed to improve cutting rates and throughput, and to reduce downtime.

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New, PC-based Remote Control for Automatic Mitering Bandsaw

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has launched a new version of its model HBP-310/523G/A mitering bandsaw. The saw now features CNC-dialogue control via PC along with a stand alone 3 meter (118”) feeding gripper. A heavy-duty high production machine, the Behringer HBP-310/523G/A automatic horizontal miter bandsaw is designed for accurate and economic cutting of all materials from profiles to high tensile solids. The new PC computer interface enables total control over mitering functions while at the same time permitting the machine operator to attend to other important tasks.

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Horizontal Miter Bandsaw

New Horizontal Bandsaw Features Drive Motor with Application-Specific Gearing for Increased Cutting Output and Low Power Consumption

Designed for efficiency in high production metal cutting operations, the new Behringer HBE Dynamic Series bandsaws utilize a high torque, frequency-controlled blade drive motor. The specialized gearing in the drive is engineered to produce the blade power and speed needed to achieve fast cutting and peak throughput rates. Because the drive is low horsepower and energy efficient, power consumption is reduced while energy savings and high production are realized. The new saw is designed to meet a broad range of applications in the steel trade, mechanical engineering, tool making and in high-end metalworking shops.

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Integrating Material Handling with Metal Cutting Technology for Improved Throughput Rates

Triad Metals International is one of the largest structural steel, tubing and mini mill distributors east of the Mississippi River. The company recently partnered with Behringer Saws to boost production and improve efficiency in steel cutting and processing operations. Triad uses three Behringer bandsaws for steel cutting: for large beam cutting the HBP 800/1204; for large bundle cutting the HBM-540A; and for automated miter cutting the HBP-310/403GA. After loading stock, the machines continually manage all processes including material feed, high efficiency cutting and disposal of remnants and chips. Using an extensive material handling system co-designed and completely fabricated by Behringer Saws, Triad significantly improved throughput by reducing the amount of handling of steel stock as it passed through various production processes.

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New High Production Automatic Bandsaw Cuts Bars/Pipes with Reduced Vibration — Results in Smoother Cut, More Even Surface Finish

Behringer Saws has introduced the new powerful, high performance HBP-610A bandsaw for cutting large pipes and solid materials up to 24 inches in diameter. The saw frame is a cast iron, dual column design which utilizes positive hydraulic downfeed with a heavy-duty gearbox and a high horsepower motor. The solid cast bow frame is designed to eliminate vibration and provide rigid support for blade tensioning. These design features combine to provide controlled application of downfeed power resulting in precise, accurate movement of the blade and tight tolerances. Cutting accuracy is further enhanced by the horizontal band arrangement and hydraulically tensioned tungsten-carbide guides which provide excellent blade support.

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HBP 610A Horizontal Production Band Saw

What’s the Best Approach for Sawing Aluminum? Band Saws Have Emerged as a Possible Tool for This Challenging Cutting Job.

A recent study of more than 4000 manufacturing professionals revealed a growing interest in using lightweight fabrication materials. This was particularly true in the aerospace, defense and automotive markets. A main reason behind this is that companies are interested in reducing the weight of their products because less fuel is needed to power lighter weight aircraft and vehicles. Not surprisingly, aluminum has emerged as a hot contender as the metal of choice in the continued effort to reduce product weight. This is causing fabricators to reconsider how they approach sawing aluminum.

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A Combined Horizontal and Mitering Band Saw Speeds Production, Saves Space, and Increases Capacity and Accuracy

Behringer customer, Aero Inc., a Michigan-based tube-bending and fabricating company, was experiencing an increase in orders that required mitering. Aero met customer needs and expanded its services with the Behringer HBP-310/403G/A automatic horizontal miter band saw. The saw combines the abilities of a horizontal band saw and a mitering band saw with automatic capability.

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New Mitering Bandsaw Designed Specifically for Large Beams and Structural Material

Behringer Saws has introduced the new HBP-510/1208G mitering bandsaw for precision high speed cutting of large structural beams and profiles. With a cutting range of 47.2" X 20.0", and a bilateral miter of 30 degrees off of 90 degrees on both left and right side, the new saw is designed to meet even the most stringent demands in construction industries and the steel trades. The wide cutting range allows for even large structural beams to be cut at a 45-degree angle.

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New High-Performance Automatic Bandsaw for High Speed Cutting of Aluminum

Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has introduced the new HBM800ALU high performance bandsaw for high speed cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The HBM800ALU saw is fully automatic and features complete cutting capability utilizing either bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades. After loading stock, the machine continually manages all aspects of the process and provides real time cutting data which is displayed at the operator terminal.

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