Band Saw Material Handling Systems

Complete Sawing System


  • Fully integrated sawing systems
  • Powered roller conveying
  • Cross transporting
  • Bundle clamping
  • Cutting to length or weight
  • Ejection and sorting
INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: Process reliability the systematic way

Let us help you make the very best of your production: In our role as a leading problem solver and system supplier we have a range of innovative solutions to offer. To ensure that your machine outfit is working to its maximum potential, we can provide you with a complete plant concept: featuring individual infeed, transfer and transport solutions designed to work in perfect harmony. In short: The whole range of peripheral equipment encompassing user-friendly hardware and intelligent software programs to match. For optimum operating sequences, maximum process reliability and a consistently high standard of quality in everything you produce.

STANDARD FEATURES: Well thought out machine concepts

Typical systems are fully integrated to handle an entire operation from powered roller conveying to cross transporting and bundle clamping, through cutting to length, ejection and sorting.

OPTIONS: Efficient material handling to improve productivity

The machines of this series are not only available in a wide range of available equipment variants, they can also be tailored to your very own specific requirements:

  • Powered or non-powered input/output roller conveyors
  • Cross-transfer systems (drag chain or walking-beam)
  • Length measuring units (manual or NC controlled)
  • Laser length measuring system
  • Automated cut to weight system
  • Programmable marking/engraving
  • Barcode identification system
  • Sorting units
  • Ejection units