VP Series Marking, Punching, Drilling & Shearing Line for Angle Sections

VP Series Marking, Punching, Drilling & Shearing Line for Angle Sections


  • Lengths up to 60'
  • Punch power up to 110T
  • Up to 6 punching units
  • Shearing power up to 500T
  • CNC programmable controls
  • PC control
  • DNC network capable

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The VP Series angle fabricators are fast, high performance machines for marking, punching, notching, drilling and shearing of angles. The units eliminate all template and layout work, and automate material handling. The VP Series machines are ideal for steel tower manufacturers. The units feature outstanding reliability and engineering, and are designed so that one can handle all functions.


The VP Series machines can be equipped with drilling heads as well as for the punching units. The gage lines are CNC controlled with ball screw drives and brushless motors The drilling speed (rotation and feed) is also CNC controlled which gives the best efficiency to the drilling operation. The layout of angle sections enables drilling in excellent conditions. The drilling units, located above the angle section, are sheltered from sprayed lubricant or projected chips. Also, the general arrangement of the machine allows for easy removal of chips.

The high-pressure system (400 bars) reduces production times and currently makes it possible to attain production rates of more than 1,000 operations per hour. The number (2 to 6) of punching units and the related power (50 to 93 tons) vary according to the size of the angle sections to work and the number of different diameters in each flange.

  • 2 to 6 Punching units are available
  • Punching machines incorporate NC backmarking
  • Single-cut type shear (from 160 to 500 tons) prevents loss of metal and distortion
  • Shear blades do not need to be changed.