HBP Series Large Horizontal Bandsaw

Large Horizontal Bandsaw


  • Cutting capacities up to 82.6" x 82.6"
  • Semi-automatic and CNC controlled automatic bandsaws
  • Large dual column - parallel down-feed design
  • Solid cast bow frame
  • Cast Meehanite band wheels
  • Fully automatic hydraulic blade tensioning & carbide blade guides

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HBP SERIES LARGE HORIZONTAL BANDSAW: Makes short work of any material

Solid forgings, slabs, profiles, molds or bundled material. Our wide range of different large bandsaw variants caters to practically every requirement. And if you are looking for something really unusual, talk to us about it:

STANDARD FEATURES: Power plus precision

Large bandsaws from BEHRINGER come with roller conveyors, as tabletop machines or gantry versions with traversing saw frame. And to save the need to shift heavy loads from one place to another more often than necessary, we offer a rotating-action blade guiding system.

OPTIONS: Extra features for the big range

The machines of this series are not only available in a wide range of available equipment variants, they can also be tailored to your very own specific requirements:

  • CNC controlled automatic bandsaws up to a cutting width of 82.7"
  • Heavy-duty roller conveyors for solid bars
  • Hydraulically driven table for slabs and forged blanks
  • Fixed material table with driven portal type saw (gantry design) for free-form forgings up to a cutting range of 82.6" x 82.6"
  • Hydraulically controlled discharge tables with mounted (coupled-motion) vice



Heavy-duty roller conveyor

HBP 1800-1700 with heavy-duty roller conveyor

Traversable table

HBP 1300T with traversable table

Traversable saw frame

HBP 2000 Gantry with traversable saw frame