Horizontal Miter Bandsaws

Horizontal Miter Bandsaws
One series covers every dimension

Steel girders, pipes, sections or plates. Differing thicknesses, shapes and diameters. Singly, in bundles or to fixed lengths. Whatever you have to saw, HBE / HBP high-performance miter bandsaws make short work of any sawing assignment. At almost any optional angle. In every cutting range. Despite their outstanding performance, our machines are all designed to offer maximum operating simplicity and space savings. And like everything from BEHRINGER, they are unbeatable in terms of speed, precision and quality.

A competitive edge as standard

BEHRINGER saws are designed to make short work of the most ambitious sawing assignments. You save not only time but hard cash too as a result of:

  • Minimal machine set-up and downtimes
  • Frequency-controlled drive engineering
  • High cutting outputs
  • Precise positioning
  • Wide-ranging angle combinations
  • High-speed angle adjustment
  • Wide swivel ranges
  • Minimal tooling costs
  • Durable cast design
  • Extreme operating and maintenance simplicity
Future-proof investment

To opt for BEHRINGER is to make a secure investment in your future. Because we use nothing but the very best components and materials. And because the quality and durability of every one of our machines is assured through the very latest production methods and exhaustive testing in our own laboratories.

HBE / HBP Automatic Mitre Bandsaws

For miter cutting up to 45° left and 45° right. NC control of angle setting and length measuring provides accurate and economic cutting of materials, from sections to high tensile solids.> More

Automatic Miter Bandsaws

HBE / HBP Semi-Automatic Mitre Bandsaws

For miter cutting up to 75° left and 45° right. For working pieces at varying angles, the sawing angle can be quickly and easily changed. Exceptional cost-to-performance ratio.> More

Semi-Automatic Miter Bandsaws