Horizontal Bandsaws

Horizontal Bandsaws
Three bandsaw series to cover all disciplines

Stainless steel and tool steel. Tempered steel, special alloys and aluminum. In different thicknesses, shapes and diameters. Singly, in bundles or fixed lengths. Whatever you aim to saw, HBE, HBP and HBM high-performance and automatic bandsaws offer the solution you are looking for. In every cutting range. Despite their outstanding performance, our machines are all designed to offer maximum operating simplicity and space savings. And like everything from BEHRINGER, they are unbeatable in terms of speed, precision and quality.

A competitive edge as standard

BEHRINGER saws are designed to make short work of the most ambitious sawing assignments. You save not only time but hard cash too as a result of:

  • Minimal machine set-up and downtimes
  • Ultra-modern drive engineering
  • Precision cutting lengths and angles
  • Minimal tooling costs
  • High cutting outputs
  • Short remnant lengths
  • Durable cast design
  • Extreme operating and maintenance simplicity
Waste disposal down to the last chip

All our machines feature a practical, application-oriented machine base design and extremely high cutting performance. Efficient chip disposal using electrically powered saw tooth gullet brushes and a high-performance chip conveyor. Reliably down to the very last chip. For optimum cleanliness.

HBE Automatic Band Saws

Economical, energy-efficient machine for tubes, profiles, and solids. For both automatic cutting and for one-off cuts. Full cover design to enhances worker safety.> More

Automatic Enclosed Performance Bandsaws

HBE Semi-Automatic Band Saws

For the job shop or low production service center. Cost-effective cutting of tubes, profiles, and solids. The optimum solution for processing of low piece numbers and one-off cuts.> More

Semi-Automatic Bandsaws

HBM High Performance Enclosed Automatic Band Saws

For high-speed cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum, steel and materials with difficult cutting properties. CNC controlled production for efficiency, precision and flexibility.> More

High Performance Bandsaws