HCS Series High Performance Circular Cold Saw

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw


  • Cutting capacities up to 5.9"
  • Inclined magazine and sorting device
  • Automatic chip conveyor

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The HCS SERIES is a blend of proven technology and new innovative ideas. The large range of standard cutting speeds (74 - 1185 SFM) allows for an extremely wide range of applications. This version automatically adjusts the feed rate of the saw as it cuts through the tube in order to further reduce cycle times.

Within the HCS series of saws, machines are available to cut material up to a maximum of 5.9". The lower end of the cutting range allows for minimum diameters of .39" (HCS 70 and HCS 90), and from .78" (with HCS 130 and HCS 150). This broad range of cutting diameters allows for diverse applications. When coupled with a chain loading magazine, the order management software module, as well as the standard self-adjusting clamping cylinders, a variety of cross sections can be processed in one order.


The core of the high performance carbide circular machine is the extremely rigid sawing gear unit. This unit is designed for the highest requirements. The worm gear is adjusted so that it is free of backlash, thus eliminating any tooth backlash, and subsequently, any tooth return stroke frequencies which would otherwise reduce the life of the saw blade. In this manner, optimum saw blade life is achieved, which results in the lowest possible tool cost per cut piece. The saw feed is driven by a ball screw spindle, with servo motor, and pre-tensioned linear bearings. These construction characteristics, reduce cutting costs by providing uniform and smooth cutting movement, free from play, thereby improving sawblade life. Standard features include:

  • Efficent PLC-control with 16 line display
  • NC controlled feeding device with ball screw drive
  • Vertical and horizontal clamping devices
  • Self-adjusting clamping units with long stroke cylinder
  • Multi-fluid cooling system for shorter cycle times and higher output (MF models)
  • Fequency controlled drive
  • Extremely rigid and pre-tensioned gear unit with worm gear
  • Easy access to saw blade provided by large protective cover
  • Chip conveyor

BEHRINGER EISELE offer a wide range of system solutions. Chain, bundle and inclined loading magazines for material loading can be linked to the machine for universal applications. Special feeding devices, handling systems, or the integration into fully automatic storing systems are quoted on request. Options include:

  • Clamping device with integrated measuring system
  • Four-point clamping for rectangular material
  • Integrated equipment in the clamps to blow chips away from clamping area
  • Order management system with bundle loading or chain loading magazine
  • Disposal gripper to achieve positive positioning of cut pieces from the machine onto a chain conveyor, roller conveyor, or continuing handling system
  • And many more additional optional features



Multi-fluid cooling system

Multi-fluid cooling system enables shorter cycle times and higher output

Clamping device

Vertical and horizontal clamping device

State-of-the-art controls

State-of-the-art controls provide all relevant data for the sawing order