CNC Miter Circular Sawing Centers

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saw


  • Cutting capacities up to 9.4" x 2.7"
  • Full miter cutting capability
  • Fully integrated process control
  • Aluminum cutting system available
  • Complete material handling options for both input and output

View PSU 450 Series CNC Miter Circular Sawing Center Models


The flexible IPC-controlled high-performance circular sawing system is designed for the utmost cost-effective production of small and large quantity runs. Ideal for pipe and tube cutting.

The PSU 450 features two controlled axis to ensure exact material length positioning and miter angle settings. A standard integrated output gripper unit automatically removes the cut pieces from the machine and puts them at a defined place. Cycle times are dramatically reduced due to the controlled saw stroke and the high-performance, load-independent positioning drives


The sorting unit of the PSU is controlled by the program allowing a variety of cuts can be carried out one after another. Miter angles between 30° on the left hand side and 30° on the right hand side can be cut. The grippers are automatically moved out of the collision range of the saw unit. Standard features include:

  • Base frame with integrated coolant pumping system and chip drawer
  • Automatic, hydraulic gripper feed unit
  • Continuously variable hydraulically controlled saw blade feed
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic clamping units with clamping-pressure reduction controls
  • Servo motor axes for precise, high-speed material and length positioning as well as mitre angle adjustment
  • Disposal device with freely selectable deposit positions
  • Flood coolant system
  • Hydraulic system
  • PC control for maximum flexibility and connectivity
  • Powerful, 2-speed, pole-changing motor
  • Heavy-duty gearbox with shock-absorbing feature for long saw blade life
  • Thick, steel plate base for vibration-free cutting

BEHRINGER EISELE offers a wide range of system solutions. Flat, bundle and inclined loading magazines for material loading can be linked to the machine for universal applications. They can be mounted either on the front or on the rear side of the machine.Other options include:

  • Frequency controlled drive
  • Saw feed adjustable from control unit
  • Spray mist coolant system
  • Chip conveyor
  • Tilting roller conveyor with sorting function available in different lengths
  • Sorting systems with several sorting stations, for different lengths
  • Special clamping jaws for thin-walled profiles and tubes
  • Handling systems
  • Roller conveyors
  • And many more additional optional features



Graphic interactive IPC-control

PC-control features graphical user interface, easy programming and flexible connectivity to customer's planning systems

Output sorting unit

Output sorting unit is designed as a controlled axis

disposal gripper mode

Drawing gripper mode for material positioning, allows mitre cuts to be performed even at the end of the material.