Eisele Circular Cold Saws

Circular Cold Saws
BEHRINGER EISELE - world leader

Anything to saw? Then you have come to the very best address with BEHRINGER EISELE. We offer the world's biggest range of high-performance circular cold saw models for the steel and metalworking industry. Machines, automatic systems and peripheral equipment. For every conceivable requirement. And every budget. High-performance, indestructible and outstanding quality products which embody the expertise and knowledge gathered by our specialists over more than 85 years. Ensuring maximum precision and economy for our customers.

Innovation all along the line

We provide a vital and unique impetus to your everyday sawing operations: Our outstanding vertical depth of production and innovative drive form a solid foundation for the development of top-class overall concepts and complete, perfectly coordinated system solutions. Precisely in line with your needs. For the most efficient process sequences imaginable.

Sound advice - optimum support

We are proud to present a range of circular sawing machines, products and services which is second to none. Our aim is to ensure all-round satisfaction for all our customers. Which is why we provide an individual and comprehensive advisory service, and assume complete project management responsibility. We are also right behind you with a range of interesting and reliable services designed for your convenience. Whatever it is you are planning - we are at your service.

VMS Miter Circular Cold Saws

For frequently alternating sawing conditions. Straight cutting (90°) and miter-cutting left and right. Options for cutting non-ferrous materials. > More

Manual Miter Circular Cold Saws

PSU 450 Up-Stroking Miter Circular Cold Saws

For low to medium production requirements. Straight cutting (90°) and miter-cutting left and right. Features gripper feed and PLC controls. > More

Automatic Miter Circular Cold Saws

HCS High Performance Circular Cold Saws

For high production cutting at 90° only with carbide blades. Features PLC controls, chip conveyor, inclined magazine and output sorting. > More

High Performance Carbide Circular Cold Saws

VA-L High Performance - Aluminum & NF Metals

For high production cutting at 90° of non-ferrous metals and aluminum. Features PLC controls, NC longitudinal axis and material handling. > More

High Performance Circular Cold Saws