Bandsaw Control Systems

Bandsaw Control System
  • Online network operation
  • Import CAD or job-specific data in DSTV and other formats
  • Perform maintenance processes by remote diagnosis.
High-tech made easy

For every saw and every requirement profile, BEHRINGER offers its own internally developed and precisely tailored control system. Freely programmable and ideal for several different piece number and length combinations. Which means absolute control at your fingertips.

Other bonuses
  • Absolute operating simplicity
  • Ergonomically designed operating terminals
  • Ultra-modern display technology
  • Clearly arranged menu prompting
Always up to date

Using our own internally developed software for simple, precise bandsaw programming means you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are benefiting from BEHRINGER's extensive process optimization expertise. The result: an easily learned, simple operating system accessible to everyone. And an optional update service which keeps you permanently abreast of any upgrades and improvements.

Optional PC-control

A clearly understandable menu prompting system makes child's play of controlling both the bandsaw and peripheral equipment.

Optional PC-control

PC controlPC control

PC control of both the bandsaw and peripheral equipment

Menu prompting systemMenu prompting systemMenu prompting system

Clearly understandable menu prompting system